Gomadic Power Pack LBP – High Capacity Rechargeable External Battery Pack


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GEBRAUCHT mit Spuren der Benutzung, volle Funktion

Zum einfachen Ladens und der Betriebsverlängerung von z.b. dem Tonrecorder Zoom H4 und allen Geräten die konstant einen Strom von 1 Ampere brauchen.

INKL. PASSENDEM NETZADAPTER und 3 Kabeln zum individuellen Ladenschluss.

suitable for the Zoom H4n – Portable Charger with TipExchange Technology


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Integrated circuitry tailors output voltage and charging current to exact specification of the Zoom H4n (accurate to 0.1v).
Very easy to operate. Simply connect Zoom H4n; press activation button on pack; and charging begins. Quick start guide included.
Specification: Internal Battery (5200mAh lithium polymer); Input port (microUSB); Output Port (Standard USB); Onboard Circuit Design (Zoom H4n Specific); Dimensions (2.8 X 2.1 X 0.75 inches); TipExchange enabled (Yes)
Built with high capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery technology (22.2 Wh / 5200 mAh) in a compact design.
Designed with a front facing LED display that clearly display the current battery capacity at the touch of a button
No more scoping out airport waiting rooms for AC plugs. No more sweating in the parking lot waiting for your Zoom H4n to charge. Keep the family plugged in on camping trips or the office wondering how you are always so utterly available. Small; Lightweight and extremely durable; the Gomadic High Capacity Battery Pack for the Zoom H4n is the perfect addition to any nomads road arsenal. Whether you need an extra boost to squeeze some extra hours out of the Zoom H4n or you are resurrecting it from the dead; the High Capacity Battery keeps you mobile; agile and free. Consider yourself an independent and free-moving provider of energy!



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